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Riders World is a platform for motorcyclists, created by motorcyclists. Riders World is a community of motorcyclists passionate about riding. Riders World is an unbiased reward and recognition provider and a platform provider for motorcyclists worldwide to connect and exchange riding information. When you have achieved any of the classifications provided in the categories section, Riders World feels that your efforts should be recognized and rewarded and as such you are invited to fill out the appropriate form with supporting documents for verification.
The Founders of Riders World are passionate about riding, amongst themselves they have traveled tens of thousands of miles on their motorcycles which range from scooters 125cc to 2600cc motorcycles, all used at different times of their lives as well as for different types of rides undertaken on different terrains. The passionate founder riders of Riders World are themselves decorated riders with many glories and commendations under their belts and as such more than qualified to verify and take the decision on the Rewards and Recognition program provided by Riders World. During their rides across various countries, the Founders noticed one particular common aspect which rallied them to form Riders World. They noticed that in most countries, motorcyclists were conducting amazing, unique and bespoke solo and group rides with no recognition or rewards. All they had to show for their endeavors were the few photographs they had taken for the ride. Despite their amazing rides, they did not qualify for any rewards programs. The birth of Riders World was thus need based to provide recognition and reward to a global community of riders with no entry level barriers.


We are here for you

Riders World founders are available for any riding advice needed by fellow riders in addition to the truly world class Rewards and Recognition program designed and showcased on this website. The Founders themselves are individuals who offer their services to this forum on a volunteer basis whilst juggling their professional, personal and riding lives. They are a passionate group who aim to respond to any of your emails within 4 to 5 working days.
Of course, no response can be expected over the weekend and other holidays, mainly because the founders are themselves out riding and completing the various challenges that they choose to undertake. Riders World is a global initiative which is designed and aimed to bring together all the riders of the world into one single platform and create a unique motorcycling brotherhood which can go beyond geographical boundaries. If you see one of the Founders or a fellow Riders World member on the road feel free to wave to them – you can spot someone with their clear Riders World logo patch on the back of their riding gear! Make sure to stop, engage in conversation, exchange notes, take photos and email them across to us to be featured on our blog!